Types of Dumbbells That Can Enhance Your Upper Body Workout Equipment Set-Up

Dumbbells are quite arguably the most important pieces of exercise and fitness equipment you can own. That is because this is a type of upper body workout equipment that can be used to strengthen your upper body, core muscles, and even legs when the right type of exercises are applied. They are also one of the most inexpensive styles of full body and upper body workout equipment you will find on the market and they come with the inherent advantage of being easily portable. Need to travel for work but don't want to interrupt your workout routine? No problem, simply pack up the dumbbells -- or at least one set.

But before you start shopping for dumbbells to add to your upper body workout equipment set-up, do you know which type of dumbbells are right for you? There three primary types and which one is right for you will depend upon what you're trying to achieve.

The most common type of dumbbells you'll come across are the adjustable dumbbells. This type consists of a cross hatched metal bar on which you can slide different weight plates on. The big advantage of this type of dumbbell is that you can start small and easily add weights as needed.

The next common type of dumbbells is the fixed-weight dumbbell. This is the type of dumbbell commonly seen at gyms, with each dumbbell built to be a single weight. These types of dumbbells you typically buy in a large set of 10 to 20 pieces, which can get expensive, but the advantage is that they add greater versatility to your home gym set-up.

The last primary type of dumbbells is the selectorized dumbbell. Selectorized dumbbells are similar to adjustable dumbbells in that they have a bar upon which you add weights. The difference is that they have a more easily adjustable selection system and you can neatly store all of your weights in one convenient piece of equipment. The drawback is they do tend to be the most expensive type of dumbbell on this upper body workout equipment list.