Hiking Equipment

The Must-Have Guide for Hiking Equipment

Hiking is a fantastic way to enjoy the outdoors and to improve your overall health and wellness. A hike can mean anything from an afternoon walk around the nearby state forest or it can mean a multi-day adventure in the backwoods of Colorado or along the Appalachian Trail. But, of course, what type of outdoor equipment and what type of hiking equipment you need will depend upon how far you are willing to go and what type of weather you plan to go in. That said, there are some basic types of hiking equipment that you'll need and the following is a look at that gear.

First things first, every outdoor equipment list should include a quality pair of hiking shoes and several pairs of socks. Sorry, but sneakers and sporty sandals just aren't going to cut it. You want a sturdy set of hiking shoes that will protect your ankles and that have at least some type of waterproofing or high water resistance to keep you comfortable should you hit dew or even rain on your hike. A good pair of hiking shoes will be your most valuable piece of hiking equipment.

In addition to this, frequent hikers should have a couple of different hiking bags ready. A simple daypack that's easy on the shoulders is perfect for day hikes while overnight and longer hikes will require a sturdier backpack with hip support as part of required outdoor equipment.