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Compatible Brand/Model : Nintendo

Model Number : switch joy-con

Interface Type : Bluetooth

Package : Yes


First, the swtich gamepad, the appearance of the atmosphere, compatible with the switch host without downloading any driver, the handle can be paired with the host, and support the computer pc mode. Convenient, simple and fast. It adopts wireless Bluetooth communication connection, which has strong anti-interference ability, free control and stable connection signal.

Second, the specification:

1. Provide the cross direction keys: up, down, left, right, and direction keys.

2. Control keys * 4, A, B, Y, X keys. Clear black and white function button design, finger touch operation is more sensitive and fast.

3. Menu button: Home button, SELECT button, START+ button, with VIB screen button function.

4. Two left and right joysticks: a novel 3d design rocker, 360-degree operation.

5. Function keys * 4: LB, RB, LT, RT new trigger drink button switch design, to achieve a better grip.

6. Wireless connection, distance 8m, built-in battery, rechargeable.



1. Introduction to the handle
1) This handle is compatible with the Switch host and only supports wireless connection.
2) This handle can be used as a single handle or as two separate handles
3) No need to load any driver, the handle and the host can be used after wireless pairing.
Health) Through the wireless connection, the anti-interference ability is strong, the control is free, and the connection signal is stable.
5) Built-in 300 mAh polymer lithium battery, can be used for 4 hours after being fully charged.
6) This handle has a built-in gyroscope that supports motion sensing.
7) Each of the left and right handles has a built-in motor to support the function
8) You can connect multiple wireless controllers to the host to play multiplayer games at the same time.
9) Ergonomic design and lightweight handle construction, even if the player continues to play for a few hours without fatigue.
10) This handle can be connected to the computer via the Us cable to upgrade with the update software.
2. Button introduction
1) HOME button *1: Open the handle or execute the command of the host
2) Arrow keys *1 group: up, down, left, right. Eight-direction operation, when the left handle is used as a separate handle, the square button acts as a function control button
3) Function control keys * 4: A, B, Wang, 〖. Perfect button design, finger touch operation is more sensitive and fast.
Health) Left and right rocker * 2: The ultra-thin 3D rocker with novel design, 360-degree precision operation.
5) Function keys * 4: L1, R1, L2, R2. The new push button switch design is responsive.
6) Screen capture button *1: Press this button in the game to capture and save the current screen, use the B button when pairing with the host.
7) Reset button*2: Press the switch key in the reset hole to close the handle and disconnect the handle from the host.
8) Unlock button * 2: Press and hold the unlock button on the back of the left and right handles at the same time to take the host.
3. Machine guidance
1) Connect the handle to the host for the first time
Open the Switch host, and click “Controllers” → “hange Grip/order” on the host main menu interface to enter the host.
For the mode interface "Press L+ R on the control1e", ignore "L+R".
Note: Please connect each handle of the code in this host pairing mode interface.
A. A pair of handles (left handle and right handle) as a whole handle connection method:
Step 1: On the left handle, press and hold the left button of the arrow keys and the screen capture button for 5 seconds to open the left handle. The four LEDs start to flash quickly, when one (or more)
When the LED is always on, it indicates that the left handle is successfully paired.
Step 2: On the right handle, press and hold the Y button and the 歴 button for 5 seconds to open the right handle. The four LEs start to flash quickly, when one (or more) LEDs are often used.
When lit, it indicates that the right handle is successfully paired.
Step 3: After the left handle and the right handle are successfully paired with the host, press the L1 key and the R1 key at the same time. At this time, the corresponding LD light on the left and right handles is bright,
The display machine is successful, and an integral handle (left handle + right handle) can be used. Press B to return to the main page of the host.艹

Packaging Details

  • Unit Type:piece
  • Package Weight:0.18kg (0.397lb)
  • Package Size:10cm x 8cm x 5cm (3.94in x 3.15in x 1.97in)

Left And Right Controller Gamepad Replacement For Nintendo Switch Pro

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